How to Sell to Senior Attorneys Part 2

LNCs communicating with senior attorneys

You will be effective in establishing rapport and selling your services to senior attorneys if you understand how they think. In Part 1, I covered strategic thinking, value of time, professionalism, and trust. Here’s more to consider. Be Confident Around Senior Attorneys Senior attorneys carry themselves with confidence. They understand the nuances of law, and […]

How to Sell to Senior Attorneys Part 1

senior attorney

Senior attorneys, partners, or managing partners make the decisions about which vendors to work with. As a legal nurse consultant, you are a vendor who has to demonstrate you understand the language of senior attorneys. Understanding how they think is the first step to communicating with them. People at this level definitely think differently than […]

Why Should You Learn From Successful Business Owners?

learn from small business owners

Are you guilty of the tempting trap of associating only with other legal nurse consultants? Are you seeking out other business owners through the Chamber of Commerce, networking groups and other small business owners? Some small businesses in your geographic area are thriving. Do you wonder what they are doing different from their competitors to […]

Communication Problems and Medical Liability

miscommunication in health care

Legal nurse consultants, risk managers, attorneys and healthcare administrators are all aware of the risks to patient safety from communication errors. According to the Joint Commission, communication has been found to be the number one contributor to patient injury. In today’s multicultural society, sources of misunderstanding and miscommunication can result in multiple opportunities for errors […]

How do you create a successful legal nurse consulting business?

successful busienss model

Your successful legal nurse consulting business rests on four pillars: finance, marketing, client relationships and expertise. If you lack any of these four pillars, your business will wobble, much like an animal without four legs. This is my model for a successful LNC business. Finances You need to know what to charge, how to charge, […]