Streamlining Communication with Attorney Clients with SBAR

nurse taking pulse

Do you know how to most effectively communicate with your attorney clients? Consider this situation: Your client asks you to review a case for merit and to prepare an analysis report. Legal nurse consultants come from the medical world where targeted communication is prized. You see concerning changes in your patient’s condition. You pick up […]

How Do You Describe Your Value as a Legal Nurse Consultant?

legal nurse consulting marketing

I see too many legal nurse consulting websites that all say the same thing. Here is language from an LNC whose site comes up on the 4th page of Google. This is a great placement, because it is the first LNC website I found after all of the ones that tout legal nurse consulting preparation […]

What happens when the patient reads her chart

doctor and nurse in clinic

Over five million patients are reading their primary care doctor’s notes – with identifiable benefits for patient safety. Beginning in 2010, more than 100 primary care physicians invited their patients to read their office notes through a secure website. Patients reported Feeling more in control of their health Better prepared for their visits Better recall […]

Who is Shooting Who in the Foot: Overcoming a Defeatist Mindset


“I spent a lot of money on a legal nurse consulting program and I have not gotten a client. Not one.” I have heard this scenario several times during my Make More Money calls. It is easy to get discouraged. Before you give up, do an assessment of your mindset. Ask what you have done […]

How to destroy your legal nurse consulting business

Walter james Palmer, dentist who killed lion

The controversy over killing Cecil the Lion and the disappearance of Walter James Palmer makes me think about the impact of a business owner’s actions on his business. Let me be clear. I would never take a bow and arrow or gun and hunt animals. Of any kind. I find it to be disturbing to […]