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Don’t miss our multimedia course: 7 plus hours of concentrated information on how to transform your LNC practice. We’ve assembled a panel of experts to give you secrets and techniques for reaching your target audience — and growing your business!

LNB MM Course $297.00


Each of the classes below sells individually for $47.
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Relationship Marketing: How to Build a Strong Business (details)
Pat Bemis, President of National Nurses in Business Association
Online or Left Behind: Marketing Through Websites & Blogging (details)
Victoria Powell, Owner of VP Consulting
Time-Tested Tips for Tradeshow Exhibiting (details)
Pat Iyer, President of Med League

The Path to the Cash! Will your message get you in the door? (details)
Caryn Kopp, President of Caryn Kopp Consulting

Using the Power of LinkedIn to Connect with Clients (details)
Alice Adams, President of Medical Case Consultants
Accelerate! Powerful Presentation Strategies to Achieve Results (details)
Stephanie Scotti, Founder of Professionally Speaking

Promote and Expand Your Business through Twitter (details)
Ellen Richter, Founder of Ellen Richter CLNC: South Florida Legal Nurse Consultant Service

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LNB MM Course $297.00

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See article below, “Essentials of Marketing”, from Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants.

See also Marketing for the Legal Nurse Consultant: A Guide to Getting All the Clients You Can Handle Using Proven, Low Cost Strategies by Betty & John Joos

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Excerpt from Debra Summers, “Essentials of Marketing”
in Iyer, Aken, Condon, (ed.), Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants:

Marketing is everything the potential, new, or existing customer reads, sees, hears, or learns about the LNC, as well as every direct contact the customer has with the LNC.

The ability of the LNC to understand and carry out the following marketing fundamentals can make a significant contribution toward making sure that marketing efforts produce the desired results:

  • Marketing focuses on attracting customers.
  • Marketing proposes solutions to customer problems.
  • Marketing is directed towards potential, new, and existing customers.

Marketing is necessary for generating new business as well as a consistent influx of business. This means marketing must attract potential customers in order to acquire new business, follow-up must occur to keep customers, and the LNC must market to existing customers to get recurrent business.

Performing a market analysis helps the LNC recognize needs specific to a market or market segment. With a recognized need, the LNC can define a feature of the product that will appeal to the market audience and design a marketing message that specifically describes how the product will benefit the customer. The more specific the LNC can be when describing the product or service, the easier it is to eliminate the need to spread marketing efforts across many different markets. A clearly defined market allows the LNC to describe the ideal customer and is the means for marketing to that customer. Knowing and focusing on the customer the LNC wants to do business with increases chances for success. An exercise that can help the LNC is to write a description of the ideal customer. For example, the ideal client may be a plaintiff attorney who handles medical malpractice cases and is located in a small to moderate size firm.

The LNC must not overlook the power of first impressions. The customer assumes professional credibility from the first impression, right or wrong. A professional image serves as visual evidence the LNC is an expert, a professional who is knowledgeable and capable, and worth the rates charged. Professional image includes physical presentation as well as resumes, CVs, business cards, marketing brochures, and work-product samples. Therefore, the LNC must carefully plan how best to project the professional image desired.

The goal of marketing, even for those just starting up a business, is to become well known to those who make up their target market. If the LNC has not developed a reputation within the market, when the need arises, the individual who is well known will receive the business. Taking the time needed to establish a reputation within the target market is well worth the investment.

For example, exhibiting helps with establishing credibility. When prospective customers and competitors see the LNC exhibiting with the large industry leaders in the market, it increases recognition of the business name and makes a positive impression.
Read more about the book, Business Principles for Legal Nurse Consultants.