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Good News: There’s No Entrepreneurial Gene

Pat Iyer, author of Be the Boss of Your Own LNC Business, mentors LNCs with no experience in business. Their parents didn’t have entrepreneurial backgrounds. These people didn’t even have lemonade stands as children. Despite these supposed drawbacks, they became successes as LNCs.

You can, too. Your determination, dedication, commitment, and creativity will decide whether you succeed with your LNC business.

That doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from guidance and help, and this book provides both. Pat’s purpose in writing it was to give you some of the mental and psychological tools you need for success.

Chapters include:

  • Why Do You Want to Become an Entrepreneur?
  • Develop Your Mindset for Success.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Do You Think You’re a Fraud?
  • Afraid of Becoming a Boss? This Fear Can Keep Your Business Small.

And much more.

You’ll also get the opportunity to immediately put these principles into practice by thinking and writing about them. Each chapter ends with a section called, “Your Turn,” a series of questions for you to answer.

This process will help you to not only more fully absorb each chapter’s material but will also develop your ability to listen for the answers inside you. When you come back to read what you’ve written when you’re discouraged or aren’t sure what should be the next step in your entrepreneurial journey or what might be preventing you from taking it, you can revisit the questions and add new insights to your answers.

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Pat Iyer uses her personal successes (and mistakes) to help those she mentors to avoid many of the pitfalls of being an entrepreneur. Get Be the Boss of Your Own Business, and discover that you know much more about business than you thought.

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