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Special New Additions from Legal Nurse Business

Domestic Violence – How LNCs help Attorneys

June 9th and 10th, 2022 10:30 am-5:30 pm Eastern

Domestic Violence – How LNCs help Attorneys is a live cast virtual conference 2-Day event designed for LNC and forensic nurses just like you.

Pat Iyer put together the first Legal Nurse Consulting Virtual Conference in July 2020.

Build your expertise with criminal cases, attract higher-paying attorney clients, and take your business to the next level.

After the Domestic Violence conference, you will leave with clarity and confidence.

Intimate Partner Violence: How LNCs Help Attorneys with Abuse Cases Replay Recording Now Available

You’ve seen the victims of violence – the woman with bruises or lacerations or broken bones who mutters about walking into a door, or falling down stairs. You know that these stories don’t ring true. I’ll bet you’ve met someone who was abused.

One of four women in the U.S. and one in seven men have experienced severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.

You know that victims recant, withdraw, or don’t follow through with charges against the abuser.

Did you know how overwhelmed attorneys can get with these cases? And do you know how you can help?

We have answers for you in our new online training: Intimate Partner Violence: How LNCs Help Attorneys with Abuse Cases

Sales Skills for LNCs: How to Get More Cases

 You have a client lead. Now what?

Are you confident you can handle every step of your process to convert a lead to client?

If the answer is no, would you like to know how to smoothly and with less effort get more business?

Discover the techniques of how to engage leads to build a foundation of know, like, & trust

Create an intuitive system to discover critical information to serve at the highest level, and most importantly, close opportunities

Gain strategies to communicate your solutions persuasively

Sexual Assault Cases:
How the LNC Shines Recordings Now Available

Get the conference recordings and all the extras!

If you are not sure of the scope of all you can do to help the attorney, you need this course.

  • ● Get expanded knowledge on how to consult on a sexual assault case, even if you are not a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner
  • ● Acquire a greater ability to analyze and interpret sexual assault data
  • ● Gain confidence in defining the ways in which you can assist attorneys

Your course includes videos, report critiques, worksheets, resource material and a live virtual session.

Get the Recordings for The Path of the Bullet

Are you looking for a way to get more cases, network with your colleagues and add a new source of revenue to your business?

You want the knowledge all our speakers provide but are not going to be able to attend live?

Get all the video and audio files of the sessions.

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN and I planned this virtual event.

Join Us for Our 6th Virtual Conference LNC Success

Barbara Levin and I invite you to our 6th virtual LNC conference: LNC Success Conference October 27th and 28th

Pat Iyer and Barbara Levin put together THE first Legal Nurse Consulting Virtual Conference in July 2020.

They are back with their 6th all new conference based on what attendees said they’d find most valuable. This new implementation and networking event is designed for LNCs at any stage in their career.

pat with mic

Flex Coaching Program

No matter where you are in your business, you’ll benefit from my new Flex Coaching Program. I provide you with the support when you need it. You invest in a set of 4 one-hour calls with me and use them whenever you need them – within a year. Subsequent calls are at a discounted rate.

Go from confused to confident! I’ll take you by the hand and guide you in our personalized calls.

Business Writing Circle

If you want to communicate as clearly as you can, if you wonder what you can do to capture the attention of our audience, if you want shortcuts for being a great writer, if you want to earn more money, then this is just for you.