How to Write an LNC Blog Post, Pat Iyer

Blogging For Legal Nurse Consultants - Share Your Knowledge and Attract Clients

Whether you’re an established LNC blogger or a beginner, blogging can build your business.

A well-targeted blog brings the clients you want to your virtual doorstep. It’s also a powerful way to network with peers in your field.

Perhaps most important, it gives you an opportunity to communicate directly with your readers and potential customers.

Pat Iyer, author of 60+ books, works with LNCs as a coach and teacher. As someone who maintains two blogs on a regular basis, she brings her expertise in blogging to her work with her clients. She also gets to hear their fears about blogging.

  • “It’s a big commitment.”
  • “You have to do it every week—at least.”
  • “How does anyone think of all those article subjects?”
  • “No one will visit the blog.”

They’ve held onto their resistance because no one ever came along to challenge them and offer solutions. That’s why she decided to author this book. When you read it and follow its recommendations, you’ll be able to comfortably start—or improve—your blog. You’ll learn:

  • What blogging schedule works best for you,
  • How to create your blog posts
  • Why consistency is more important than frequency,
  • Why you need to be mindful about how you use humor,
  • The power of a good story,
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Cover of Blogging for LNCs

One of the most useful parts of this book is that it explores a wide variety of blogging styles. You can choose from a personal-style blog, blogs based on quotations, a “Day in My business Life” format, how you solved a particular problem in your business, comments on events related to your business field, and much more. The appendix of the book will entertain you with story-based blogs.

As an LNC, you have choices about how to spend your time and money. You can invest a fortune on advertising—or you can invest time in a blog. Read the book and learn that investing this time can yield you profits.

And you might even have fun doing it.

Blogging For Legal Nurse Consultants -

Share Your Knowledge and Attract Clients

By Pat Iyer

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