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Does this sound like you?

  • You want to start or grow your legal nurse consulting business?
  • You need a group of raving fans who will recommend you to their attorney colleagues?
  • You want to build a strong business that will pay your bills and give you security?

Throughout this Getting Started Bundle I share specific strategies to use your legal nurse consulting skills to help your clients so that they view you as indispensable.

You’ll learn specific strategies to ramp up your business to meet your clients' needs and skillfully manage your business.

Get Started Bundle
Here’s what you get

Unlock the Secrets to Building a Thriving Legal Nurse Consulting Business with How to Start a Legal Nurse Consulting Business by Pat Iyer ($29.95 value supplied as a paperback book)

How to Start a Legal Nurse Consulting Business is a comprehensive guide designed to help legal nurse consultants establish and maintain successful customer relationships. Pat Iyer, an experienced LNC, shares principles and strategies to build a strong and thriving business.

You will learn how to utilize insights and proven techniques to establish fruitful client relationships, tap into the potential opportunities in the field, and transform prospects into loyal customers. Whether you're starting your practice or seeking to maximize existing success, this book provides practical advice to navigate the world of legal nurse consulting and achieve unparalleled success.

Testimonials from Irene Schwartz and Joanie Gold attest to the valuable advice and step-by-step guidance offered in the book.

Master the Art of Analyzing Medical Records with "How to Analyze Medical Records" by Pat Iyer: ($29.95 value)

How to start
cover of How to Analyze Medical Records

How to Analyze Medical Records is a comprehensive best-selling guide. It is a $29.95 value supplied as a paperback book.

This book is designed for legal nurse consultants who want to excel in organizing and analyzing medical records. Pat Iyer, a seasoned legal nurse consultant, shares her expertise.

You will learn the secrets to effective organization, including uncovering missing records, identifying gaps in charting, and recognizing altered records. The book also emphasizes the importance of extracting critical information and crafting clear and concise reports.

With practical advice on punctuation, spelling, and grammar, readers can ensure their work maintains a high level of professionalism.

Testimonials from Linda Husted, Rita Buettner, Carla McDuffie, Pam Shenberger, Kelly Tanner, and Wendy Votroubek highlight the practicality and value of the book's content.

Discover Your Path to Success in Legal Nurse Consulting with Get Your First LNC Case by Pat Iyer ($14.97 value supplied as a paperback book)

Get Your First LNC Case is a guide tailored to newly minted legal nurse consultants seeking their first case. Authored by Pat Iyer, a successful entrepreneur in the LNC field, this book offers guidance to overcome fears and navigate the path to a successful career.

Pat shares her own journey and provides expert advice to help minimize risks and establish a fulfilling full-time career.

You will learn how to assist attorneys in winning cases, securing settlements, and achieving favorable verdicts. By building a business supporting legal professionals, aspiring LNCs can create a rewarding and successful career. The book serves as a source of inspiration and encouragement, empowering readers to embrace the challenges and opportunities in the field.

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If sold separately, these books total $74.87 plus shipping. Get the bundle of books for only $49.97 plus shipping

Why buy this bundle?

  • Comprehensive Knowledge: Gain access to a comprehensive understanding of legal nurse consulting by purchasing the set of three books.
  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from the expertise and proven strategies of author Pat Iyer, an experienced legal nurse consultant, to navigate the start of your own practice successfully.
  • Tailored Resources: Receive specialized resources that address the unique needs and challenges of legal nurse consultants at different stages of their careers.
  • Build Customer Relationships: Learn valuable insights and practical strategies for establishing and maintaining successful customer relationships that will fuel the growth of your business.
  • Positive Testimonials: Gain confidence in the effectiveness of the books through the positive testimonials from LNCs who benefited from the content.

If sold separately, these books total $74.87 plus shipping. Get the bundle of books for only $49.97 plus shipping