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Successful LNC Be the Boss

 #21 Be the Boss of Your Own LNC Business

Painless Billing and Collections Pat Iyer

 #20 Painless Billing and Collection for LNCs

Painless Editing and Proofreading: A Step-By-Step Guide for LNCs Pat Iyer

 #19 Painless Editing and Proofreading: A Step-By-Step Guide for LNCs

 #18 Blogging For Legal Nurse Consultants -Share Your Knowledge and Attract Clients 

Powerful Emails: How to Capture Your Client’s Attention


An Amazon #1 bestselling book in 4 categories!

Powerful LNC Presentations: How to Get the Case Pat Iyer

 #17 Powerful LNC Presentations; How to Get the Case  

Are you interested in subcontracting? There are advantages and disadvantages of this arrangement. Know what is ahead.

 #16 LNC Subcontracting: How to Boost Your Business 

MRA kindell

Medical Record Analysis: A Guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs 

Get Your First Case white

#15 Get Your first LNC Case


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Your Ideal Attorney Client
21 tips 22

#14 How to Heat a Fiery LNC Brand: Tips to be Noticeable

#13 Your Ideal Attorney Clients: How to Connect with Them by Speaking Their Language

  Small Business Start Up: The Collective Wisdom of 300 Years in Business

#12 21 Tips to Run Your LNC Business Efficiently

52 Writing Tips: Fast and Easy Ways to Polish Your Writing

Book # 11 Networking For LNC's

Book #10 How to Create Lasting LNC-Client Relationships

Book # 9 How to be a Successful LNC: Tips for Your Business

Book #8 How to Manage Your LNC Business and Clients: Top Tips for Success

Book # 7 How to Grow Your LNC Business Secrets of Success

Book # 6 How to Get More Cases: Sales Secrets for Legal Nurse Consultants

Book #4 How to be a Successful Expert Witness

Book #3 How to Analyze Medical Records: A Primer for Legal Nurse Consultants

Book # 2 Legal Nurse Consultant Marketing

Book # 1 How to Start a Legal Nurse Consulting Business

These books are part of the Creating a Successful Legal Nurse Consulting Practice Series $29.95 Each

four book set 2