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Whether you’re a new LNC looking for experience or a busy LNC with a growing business, LNC Subcontracting: How to Boost Your Business by Pat Iyer will answer your most urgent questions about subcontracting.

Going beyond her extensive experience in this field, Pat interviewed both subcontractors and independent contractors. You’ll read their personal, insiders’ perspectives on the benefits and drawbacks of subcontracting.

Do you

• Desire the experience and skill you’ll gain when a legal nurse consultant shows you the ropes?
• Need to know how you can have positive experiences on either side of the subcontracting relationship?
• Want to hire subcontractors but don’t know how to find, evaluate, and mentor them?
• Wonder if you should bring subcontractors into your company?

LNC Subcontracting: How to Boost Your Business will give you the answers you need.

Pat expanded her LNC business to include subcontracting after a plaintiff attorney asked her to act as an expert witness for an ER case. She responded that she didn’t review ER cases but had a colleague who worked in the emergency department as a clinical specialist.

She connected the attorney and the expert and realized that she could expand her business by supplying experts. By the time she sold her business in 2015, she had 200 experts with a range of backgrounds under contract: nurses, doctors, pharmacists, radiology technicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, nutritionists, and other healthcare providers.

The quantity and quality of these experts made her business highly saleable.

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Regardless of what your particular interest in subcontracting may be, you need LNC Subcontracting: How to Boost Your Business to help you decide. Buy it now. It will help you build an empowered future.