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Do you

• Desire the experience and skill you’ll gain when a legal nurse consultant shows you the ropes?
• Need to know how you can have positive experiences on either side of the subcontracting relationship?
• Want to hire subcontractors but don’t know how to find, evaluate, and mentor them?
• Wonder if you should bring subcontractors into your company?

LNC Subcontracting: How to Boost Your Business will give you the answers you need.

Join Us for Our 7th Virtual Conference LNC Success

Barbara Levin and I invite you to our 7th virtual LNC conference: LNC Success Conference March 23, 24, and 25, 2023

Pat Iyer and Barbara Levin put together THE first Legal Nurse Consulting Virtual Conference in July 2020.

They are back with their 7th all new conference based on what attendees said they’d find most valuable. This new implementation and networking event is designed for LNCs at any stage in their career. Join us for a boost of knowledge, motivation, and profitable networking.

Discover how to analyze medical records by gaining tips from experienced clinical nurses - An Amazon #1 Bestseller in 4 categories

Enjoy the tips on critical care, surgery, long term care, medical record analysis, rehabilitation and home care nurses:

How does a malpractice attorney decide whether a case has merit? Many attorneys rely on legal nurse consultants for guidance. Now, with Medical Record Analysis: A Guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs, you can learn from LNC experts with a range of specialties.

  • ●  Pragmatic methods of handling digital medical records
  • ●  How the LNC serves attorneys settling cases by being a mediator or as
  • ●  support to the attorney at the mediation table
  • ●  The hidden gems in medical records and devices
    ●  Common critical care liability issues
    ●  What goes on behind the operating room drapes
    ●  The key unskilled home care traps
    ●  How emergency care is delivered far beyond the emergency department
    ●  Although root case analysis meetings are protected from discovery, a nurse familiar with the process can be your ally
    ●  What to expect when you hire an LNC to attend a defense medical examination
    ●  The common diagnostic and treatment errors in cancer care
    ●  And so much more

Medical Record Analysis: A Guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs provides information you won’t find anywhere else. Get it today.

Get our instant download or order the paperback or Kindle on Amazon.com

Get recognition, visibility, and authority by being an author in an LNC book written for attorneys.

Join us for our next book for publication in 2023

If you are a legal nurse consultant, you’ve got a problem:

  • • How do you stand out in a competitive field?
  • • How do you draw attention to yourself?
  • • How do you show that you are knowledgeable so that attorneys will hire you?

If you wonder about these things, this message is for you.  Now taking reservations for the next book I produce written by LNCs for attorneys.

Medical Records Analysis: A guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs was a #1 Amazon bestseller in 4 categories.

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