LNCs: Analysis of Medical Records

If you are a legal nurse consultant, you’ve got a problem:

  • • How do you stand out in a competitive field?
  • • How do you draw attention to yourself?
  • • How do you show that you are knowledgeable so that attorneys will hire you?


If you wonder about these things, this message is for you.

Here’s why:

When attorneys (and other LNCs who make recommendations for legal nurse consultants) remember you, they think of you when they have a case for an LNC with your skills.

If you remain invisible, the case goes to someone else.

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I’ve got an answer that works. it is writing skills. Here’s what happened to me.

In 1985, I teamed up with two other nurses to write a book. In 1986, W.B. Saunders published our first book, Nursing Process and Nursing Diagnosis. When I approached attorneys about being an expert witness, they were impressed with seeing that book on my C.V. In the picture below you'll see that first book, and all the books I wrote, coauthored, or coedited since then. 

I got cases immediately. In the 25 years that I served as a nursing expert witness, I continued to add publications as an author, editor, and coeditor.

As an editor of books, I assembled the team of authors. I discussed with them the focus of the chapter. I reviewed their outlines, gave them guidance, read their drafts, and completed the copyediting. I held their hands every step of the way.

And I did this with 25 books. No other legal nurse consultant has written as much, edited as many books, and contributed publications to the LNC field as I have.

Being a published author has made all the difference for me, and for the nurses who contributed chapters to my books.

Stack of books
Malpractice Law #1
Family and Malpractice Law #1
Medical records and history #1

I would love to see you take this step to gain more visibility, authority, and credibility.

It starts with a chapter.

In December 2022, I launched a book called Medical Records Analysis: A Guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs. In just a few hours, we became #1 Amazon bestseller in 4 categories! Our 16-chapter book was a huge success, and now I'd like to offer you the opportunity to be part of our 2023 book.

I’m putting together a book tentatively called Legal Nurse Consulting Analysis of Medical Records. 

Each chapter in the book will be written by a different  LNC.

When you write your chapter for this book, you’ll gain

●  Visibility so that attorneys can find you and offer you work

●  Authority and credibility – you’ll be a recognized expert

●  Encouragement and support from me and your fellow authors

LNC Analysis of Medical Records 22

Join us to be part of the second book of this series now. The spots will go fast. Your investment includes

●  A course to teach you how to structure and write your 1500-to-2000-word chapter – so there is no guesswork. You’ll get a system you can use again.

●  A meeting with me to discuss the focus of your chapter so you know how to get started

●  Your chapter in a professionally edited and laid out book 

●  The satisfaction of seeing your book on Amazon


What do I expect of you?

●  Write your chapter

●  Adhere to the deadlines

●  Help to promote the book



Do You Want In?

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