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LNC Presentations and Sales

They Have More in Common Than You Might Think

On the surface, it might seem that giving a presentation before a group of lawyers to talk about what an LNC does is very different from making a sales presentation.

Consider, though, these common factors:

·       You are the center of attention.

·       You must speak well.

·       You must represent yourself as knowledgeable.

·       You are establishing your credibility.

·       You must be able to answer questions quickly and easily.

·       You must appear calm and self-assured.

Part One focuses on how to find and plan educational presentations that offer you a chance to show your knowledge with attorneys. You will learn the strategies for seeking speaking opportunities, those wonderful experiences that put you in front of your ideal client. Once you have a speaking opportunity, focus on how to make in person and online presentations for attorneys engaging.

Although it is tempting, resist the urge to load up your presentation with too much content. In this book, Pat shares tips on how to cut down your information.

She also stresses the importance of preparing both your body and your mind for making a presentation and dissects what makes a winning presentation.

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LNC presentaions

Part Two changes the focus to sales presentations. You’ve made a solid educational presentation to an attorney and now they want to discuss a case with you. The second part of this book gives you tips to confidently master a sales presentation.

Focus on the attorney’s needs and pain points so that you can highlight the benefits of working with you. Simultaneously, you are establishing rapport and building the know, like, trust and remember relationship.

Meanwhile, you are considering your reaction to the attorney – is this someone you want to work with or someone you want to avoid? I share the hallmarks of each type of client.

Senior partners are the decision makers in the firm. When you decipher how they think and what they value, you are in a better position to add the right words to a sales conversation. Be careful of how your promise to save them money. Pat explains why.

Powerful LNC Presentations; How to Get the Case will guide you through two key elements of an LNC’s business: attracting prospects and winning their business. Here’s to your success.