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Do you need experience reviewing cases and preparing reports?

When an attorney asks you for a sample report,

what do you have to show?

Has an experienced LNC given you feedback on your analysis

and sample reports so that you know they are well done?

Do you want to know for sure instead of crossing

your fingers and hoping you did a good job?

Would you rather get feedback on how you can improve your

work product from an experienced LNC or from a disappointed client?


Report Writing Mastery is a proven specific step by step process of creating sample reports to use in your marketing to attorneys. Attorneys function in a field in which the right words can make a difference between winning or losing a case. Your success as a legal nurse consultant will depend on how well you analyze cases and write reports.

The program consists of 4 live sessions and step by step videos to guide you through the process of writing great reports.

By the end of this course you will have
1. A set of medical records to use for building your skills and creating sample reports
2. 4 types of sample reports to show when someone interested in hiring you asks for examples of your work
3. Increased confidence in your ability to prepare polished reports
4. A template for mastering a sales meeting with an attorney

Pat Iyer

Your mentor: Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC

Discover how to polish your reports from one of America’s most successful and experienced legal nurse consultants. Pat Iyer wrote thousands of LNC reports during her 28 years as an LNC. Also, she trained hundreds of expert witnesses and subcontractors and gave them helpful feedback so they could polish their writing skills.

Two years after entering the field of legal nurse consulting as an expert witness, Pat started Med League, an independent legal nurse consulting business. Pat ran this company for 28 years before selling it in 2015.

Pat successfully trained hundreds of healthcare experts and non-testifying LNCs on how to prepare chronologies, timelines, medical summaries, screening reports, and expert witness reports.

Pat wrote or edited over 60 books, hundreds of chapters, articles, online courses or case studies and thousands of blog posts.

Report Writing Mastery: Create Sample Reports in 4 Online Sessions - Here is a breakdown of the entire course

Report Writing Mastery How to Refine Your LNC Reports 2_Page_1

Component #1 The 4 Steps to Create Sample Reports and Market Your Skills to Attorneys ($997 Value)


 Session 1: Professional Polished Work Products

√ Discover the secrets of preparing professional appearing reports
√ Determine how to confidently structure a chronology
√ Gain experience in preparing a chronology

 Session 2: Gain experience in writing a medical summary

√ Define what goes into a medical summary
√ Discover the key components of medical summaries
√ Prepare a medical summary

imacrt_1143x1086 (2)

 Session 3: Screening Reports for Medical Malpractice Cases

√ Discover how to research a case and prepare a screening report
√ Know what goes into a screening report
√ Create a screening report
√ Gain experience in screening a case for merit and preparing an analysis

 Session 4: Expert Witness Report

√ Determine the essential components of an expert witness report
√ Evaluate the nursing liability for the case
√ Gain experience in preparing a nursing expert witness report

imaclt_1133x1077 (2)

Component #2: 6 Training Modules ($997 value)

Get training and homework for 6 modules to create sample reports and successfully present them to attorneys. Complete the videos to learn how to create one type of report using an actual set of medical records. At the end of each training session you will have a chance to apply what you have learned.

After watching each set of videos, join us for the live session to ask questions and apply what you learned.

You’ll receive a specific skills mastery assignment for each session.

You’ll send your reports to Pat Iyer for her personal feedback and to compare your reports with hers.

Component #3: Personal Feedback from Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC ($1050 value)

Get feedback on your work product so you can polish your reports. Pat will personally review your reports and give you feedback on them. You will also see how she prepared the same report - learn from her examples!

Component #4: Lifetime Access to Report Writing Mastery Support Group ($797 value)

Beside education, Report Writing Mastery is all about being part of a success-minded community.

Analyzing a case and creating professional legal nurse consulting reports without the right support group is hard, but there is no reason for you to struggle on your own.

You deserve to be part of a group of legal nurse consultants who are committed to serve attorneys with excellence. Your fellow students will share their homework assignments so everyone in the group can see how each others completed the assignment. This gives you feedback on your analysis and sample reports and additional ideas for changing your reports.

We are here for you!

After you join Report Writing Mastery, you will be added to our exclusive secret Facebook community to connect with your fellow students and to get feedback on your reports.

Bonus #1: Writing Handbook for Legal Nurse Consultants: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Field by Pat Iyer ($397 value)

Writing handbook Mockup

Questions about grammar, punctuation, spelling and easily confused words? You’ll get the answers in this 600+ page book. Use the tests to spot your strengths. Report and resume makeovers reveal how simple tweaks dramatically improve the quality of your reports. The sections on preparing reports will serve as a reference when you write legal nurse consulting reports. LNCs tell Pat they keep this book on their desk to refer to as they write reports!

Bonus #2: How to Analyze Medical Records by Pat Iyer ($29.95 value)

Image of book How to analyze medical records

Medical records are the foundation of legal nurse consulting. Our clients judge us on how well we organize, analyze, summarize and critique medical records. How do you measure up?

You need a sound understanding of both handwritten and computer generated medical records. When you use the tips in this book, your ability to use medical records to create an effective work product will make you shine. Get essential tips and techniques in this book to help you polish all your LNC writing.

This is Pat's best selling book!

Bonus #3: Tip Sheets and Templates ($297 value)

Legal Nurse Business Reports
  • How to Set Up Spell Check
  • Report Writing Tips
  • Sample Screening Reports Sample
  • Expert Witness Reports Work
  • Product Analysis Checklist
  • Sales Call Template
  • And more

(These are delivered digitally throughout the course.)

Bonus #4 29 nursing contact hours (optional) for $15 paid to the provider ($290 value)

This program is approved for 29 contact hours through an arrangement with Taylor College. The provider is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, provider number CEP-3285. CE credit is accepted in all states that require mandatory continuing education for relicensure. Call 1-800-743-4006 with CE questions.

There is a $15 fee, paid directly to the provider, for the CE certificate for 29 hours.

Bonus #5 Mastering a Sales Meeting with an Attorney (priceless)

√ Learn how to display your sample reports
√ Get tips on how to prepare for and comfortably handle a sales meeting with an attorney so that you get cases
√ Create a script for a sales meeting so that you are in control of the conversation with the attorney

Watch this video training and use it to prepare for a meeting with an attorney.

You want to wow attorneys with your skills

You want to build a successful LNC practice

You want to achieve your dreams

wow 640 2
Build business 640
happy 640

Imagine you finally have the skills needed to prepare polished reports for attorneys.

1. You are able to confidently show attorneys your sample reports so they understand how you can help them.
2. You have the right tools and resources so that you demonstrate you can write LNCs that are both concrete and well formatted.
3. You know what to do when you walk into an attorney’s office to show your reports so you receive cases.
4. You have clients who contact you to work on their cases. They have seen what you can do. They know, like and trust you.

The real value of Report Writing Mastery is in the world of opportunities that open up to you when you learn how to create polished reports by following a step by step system that will get you results. Your clients give you repeat business and they refer you to others - a golden value!


Who is this course for?

Report Writing Mastery is for you if you are a legal nurse consultant who wants to

• Create sample reports or are not sure your samples are well prepared.
• Gain experience analyzing a case and writing reports.
• Get feedback from an experienced LNC to give you direction and improve your work product.
• Be a successful independent LNC or an inhouse LNC

And if you are just getting started . . .
With Report Writing Mastery you will learn how to analyze a case and prepare a variety of reports. It is the best investment to help you grow your skills. It is the course experienced LNCs all wish they had when they first started their LNC practices.

What LNCs say about Report Writing Mastery

Debbie Wuerl sm

Learned so much in these classes that I wish I've known previously.
Debbie Wuerl 

Denise harvey

I have enjoyed this class very much, I appreciate your candidness and expertise... thank you so much!
Denise Harvey 

diane honeygosky

I agree, this has been outstanding and a real eye opener!
Diane Honeygosky

barbara foy

Thank you Pat for a Great Class!
Barbara Foy 

Lori Mollman 1

It has been such an incredible learning experience with a very challenging case! Working on finishing all of my reports. As I am starting my LNC career, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from all of the class members and especially and am humbled to learn from Pat and her expertise.

Lori Mollmann 

mary beth kerstein 1

The four weeks have been outstanding!!! The group participation with questions and the feedback has been incredible!
Mary Beth Kerstein


This course is thorough, thought provoking, a wonderful opportunity to improve writing skills, jam packed with valuable information and taught by the consummate professional, Pat Iyer.
Evelyn Robert

Catherine Spears

Pat takes you from the ground level and supports you as you develop quality products. This course is for all levels of experience. As an LNC, you need to hone your skills and this course was a perfect match for that goal.
Catherine Spears

image of Kelly Tanner who reviewed How to Analyze Medical Records

This class is a must, especially for those just getting started with legal nurse consulting. You have the opportunity to develop sample reports, and have them critiqued by Pat. I have been in the field for three years and learned so much.
Kelly Tanner


I would HIGHLY recommend this course. I am going to email my LNC friends and recommend the course.
Bonnie O'Hara

michael odeth

Just take it. It is money well spent. You will gain more insight about report writing.
Michael Odenath


I highly suggest Pat as an instructor and presenter to both new and experienced legal nurse consultants.
Lorraine Doonan

Laura Young

There was so much more detail than I expected and as a new LNC I needed this to get my business going.
Laura Young

Ethel Wills

I would highly recommend taking the course. It provides guidance into the review of a medical record as well as writing tips and guidance.

Ethel Wills

I understand that I'm getting access to a one time offer worth over $5,561.95 of training for a very low investment. This offer is available for a limited time and can be taken down any minute as soon as the next class is full.

I also understand that as part of Report Writing Mastery, I will receive:

  • 6 modules of prerecorded content to learn the report preparation skills ($997 value)

    • 4 pre-recorded coaching sessions to analyze a set of medical records to prepare 4 types of reports. Pat led the sessions lasting 60-90 minutes ($997 value)

    • Lifetime access to the Report Writing Mastery support group for asking questions and learning from fellow students ($797 value)
    • Personal feedback from Pat Iyer on my reports and examples of her reports ($1050 value)
    • Bonus #1: The Writing Handbook for LNCs ($397 value)
    • Bonus #2: How to Analyze Medical Records ($29.95 value)
    • Bonus #3: Tip Sheets and Templates ($297 value)
    • Bonus #4 29 Nursing Contact Hours ($290 value)


I’m ready to invest in myself, strengthen my skills and increase my confidence. I understand I am getting access to a one time offer worth over $5,561.95 in training for a very low investment.

One case will usually pay for the course. Repeat business from the same client will repay you over and over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? This training is for you if you are in the beginning stages of your career and wish to
1. Have well-polished reports to show to people who can hire you as an LNC
2. Get experience preparing a variety of reports that will show your ability to assist attorneys
3. Gain the feedback of an experienced LNC to help you strengthen your sample reports
4. Find out if you really have report writing skills - your clients won't always tell you

Who is this program not for?
This program is not for legal nurse consultants with several years of experience who are confident in their abilities to prepare reports. It is also not for people who do not want suggestions for changes in their reports.

Do I have to finish the course in a certain time?
You will get unlimited life time access to the recordings of the live classes and our support group. You can study on your own pace. When you finish each homework assignment you can submit it to our Facebook support group and Pat Iyer for feedback.

Do I have to have special software or hardware to participate?
You will need a word processing program to complete your reports and Adobe Reader to read the PDF tips and templates.

You can access the training from any device with internet access. Our videos are accessible through all smart phones, computers and tablet devices.

Will I receive any physical products?
The books Writing Handbook for LNCs and How to Analyze Medical Records will come in the mail.

The rest of the materials - videos, documents, and templates - are accessible in our training center.

Do I need to be on Facebook to get access to the support group?
Yes, you will need a Facebook profile to use the group. It is where you ask questions and upload your homework assignments.

I have a question but it hasn’t been answered yet.
Feel free to contact our virtual assistant, Pam Hughes at pamhughes at legalnursebusiness dot com if you have any questions that are not already answered on this page.

I look forward to working with you, taking your hand and walking you through every step of creating polished reports.