What motivates people to become entrepreneurs? Surely it is an easier road to become an employee, get a steady paycheck and have job security. Isn’t it?

As many people in business learned, a job can disappear in a minute. The special brand of people who are entrepreneurs are thrilled by the chance to be more in control of their destiny. We love to pivot, to implement new ideas, and not go through layers of approvals and months of waiting to see our ideas to fruition.

Some joined the entrepreneurship world by being pushed to make choices during pandemic-related chaos. Some industries saw massive changes in the delivery of services and many shed their workers. Entrepreneurship boomed during the dislocations of the pandemic.

This book is a collaborative effort of several entrepreneurs. The Business Super Heroes consists of entrepreneurs who banded together for education, support, and cross-referrals. Regina Partain Bergman formed the group in 2021 and included people from four countries.

As our connectivity grew, we realized our stories of our unique paths to becoming small business owners would benefit others. We recall standing on the brink of starting a business, ready to take a leap of faith, and not at all confident that we would succeed.

The book’s chapters are designed to give you a peek into the lives of our members through insights, stories, advice, failures and successes. Read for inspiration, practical guidance, and to know you are not alone in your entrepreneurial path.

Pat Iyer served as the Business Super Hero guide to the authors in this book and hopes you are stimulated by what you read here.

Pat Iyer


I’m one of several authors who shared their start up business advice in a new book, Small Business Start Up: The Collective Wisdom of 300 Years in Business.


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