How to Get Rid of Looking like Every Other Legal Nurse Consultant

If you suffer from not being able to get attorneys to notice or remember you, if you accept cases at substandard fees because you have not conveyed your value, if you are frustrated, confused, and overwhelmed, then this message is just for you.

Here’s why: Being able to position yourself as the better choice so you get a steady flow of cases and work with high value attorney clients will build your LNC business and give you the financial benefits you want.

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There is a cost to not dealing with this issue. If you ignore it, it just gets worse. What most LNCs do when facing the problem of standing out is to create a logo, send out more cold letters, or make more cold calls. Even though the LNC throws up a website, it looks like every other legal nurse consultant’s website.

But for most LNCs, none of that works. None of these tactics work because they are not tackling the root of the problem.

These frustrated LNCs can’t figure out what to do to attract people to their expertise or position themselves as skilled at what they do. Their leads and referrals dry up.

They feel alone, isolated, and without any one to talk to about their frustrations.

They feel invisible. “I’ve got all of this to offer. Why don’t attorneys call me? I’m struggling to get noticed.” They’ve got a few or no clients, poor cash flow, not enough money in the bank, and are working way more hours than they want in their clinical job.

Their partner or spouse or parent says, “Why are you wasting your time? Get a job as a travel nurse and make a gazillion bucks an hour.” But you don’t want to spend hours on your feet, live in new places, or deal with the resentment of the employees who know you are making a lot more money and know a lot less about their environment.

What happens if you just do nothing? If you just keep doing what you’ve been doing? You don’t want to work more hours as a nurse. You want the rewards of having your own business that sustains your income. You want the freedom and flexibility of being able to run your business from your home.

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How we got to the root of the problem to get to the solution that works

We’ve got an answer that works. Here’s the story:

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I’m Pat Iyer MSN RN LNCC. I entered legal nurse consulting as a coauthor of a textbook that instantly gave me credibility. That book was enough to fuel my expert witness role before I built a business supplying expert witnesses, among other services.  My exposure to internet marketing helped me realize what I needed to do to stand out, to differentiate myself, and create a loyal group of attorney clients. I sold my multi-million-dollar LNC business after 28 years of success.

I’m Gerry Foster MBA, the Branding Evangelist. Before I understood what I’ll share with you, I was struggling to differentiate myself from others. Through discovering how to brand my uniqueness, I pinpointed my unique, memorable style. I created success by being me. And honed my ability to help my clients identify and capitalize on their personal brand. I started my Brand Development & Training Company full time in July 1985 and have helped over 100,000 small business owners from over 600 different industries with their branding.

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And it is not just us who were successful by mastering branding.

Gerry helped me find my voice. I was able to articulate to attorneys the experience of working with me while demonstrating how I will solve their problems. My repeat business and referrals have increased by 40% after following Gerry's recommendations.  If you want to take your business to the next level, I recommend you embrace, absorb, and implement whatever Gerry recommends to find your unique voice in a sea of noise, have more impact, and make more money."   

- Tina M. Baxter, Legal Nurse Consultant, Baxter Professional Services LLC, Proven, Principled, Poised

..."I'm proud to say, we now have an elite brand that reflects what is special about us, what distinguishes us from other interior designers, and why we are better. . .

- Jennifer Brown, Decca-Design Inc., Canada

. . . I highly recommend Gerry to anyone seeking to grab BRANDING by the horns and systematically understand and achieve success through branding in a simplified manner.  His strategies and techniques inspire you to reach deep within your soul to search, seek, and find what truly sets YOU apart.

- Thomesa Lydon, Lydon Senior Pathways, Arizona

Finally, it’s your turn. When you get the course Big Brand Intensive for LNCs, you’ll follow a paint-by-the-numbers system to

  1. Identify the something special you were born to do (and meant to accomplish)
  2. Distinguish yourself from the competition and gain an edge for the long haul (that makes you “you”)
  3. Pinpoint eager, ideal attorney clients who fit the profile (a “hungry crowd)
  4. Anchor in what you do best (your DNA) and uncover your secret sauce so you can claim brand superiority
  5. Stand out even more by answering the question, “How should I come across?” (your logo)
  6. Formulate your one-of-a-kind promise that will make your brand irresistible (your Statement of MasteryTM)
  7. Craft a fundamental core message that makes people sit up, care, and buy (the right words)
  8. Spur prospects to remember whether they like your brand or not with a catchy tagline (a punchy slogan)

It all comes as part of Big Brand Intensive for LNCs

The course consists of 7 LIVE Sessions with Gerry and Pat. In these sessions, you will participate with other LNCs to get the skills you need to excite, delight, and ignite your brand.

The power of Brand

Let me in!

The course consists of 7 LIVE Sessions with Gerry and Pat.


The course consists of 7 LIVE Sessions with Gerry and Pat.

$525 Per Payment for Two Months

Here’s What You Get

BBFV contains 7 Workshop Videos and 7 Action Guides containing my complete set of PowerPoint slides to accompany  each of the 7 videos (btw, they are loaded with juicy content) and downloadable worksheets within each Guide to get your Big Brand up-and-running so you can indeed excitedelight, and ignite your market. Absorb it anytime, anywhere on your schedule to maximize your value.  I go deep to go big by helping you assemble & cement together the essential elements of your Big Brand foundation, to make it invincible and lasting.

You are more than welcome to take this course at your own pace. There is no right or wrong way to work through the material, and your access to the materials will remain open even if you need to spread out your learning process.

The 7 Videos …

Specifically, here’s a peek at what you’ll discover in each training video:


VIDEO 1: Brand Purpose

Craft Your Vision and Mission Statements

Great brands serve a higher purpose. You first need a ‘reason for being’ or fertile ground. Like a farmer who prepares the soil to grow crops:

  • We root your brand with a powerful and compelling purpose that stands for something beyond just making money
  • Declare the bold stand you’re taking to provoke customer enthusiasm about your brand

VIDEO 2: Differentiation

Break from the Pack

Gain a robust advantage as you learn to masterfully ‘separate yourself’ and push your product or services ahead of the competition with ease.

  • Isolate what’s uniquely brilliant about what you offer – those key differentiators consumers value highly, making you a highly distinctive brand
  • Provide a me-only experience so you are the preferred, sole provider for what they seek

VIDEO 3: Niche

Find your Ideal Customer

Great brands are built by a community … your tribe or avatar … individuals or organizations who are a perfect match for your product or service.

  • Discover WHO your perfect customer is and WHERE he, she, or they are located
  • Confidently know the people to concentrate on connecting with, paving the way to create messaging that will drive effective marketing and selling

VIDEO 4: Brand DNA

Concoct your Secret Sauce

Bountifully harvest your mix of special ingredients – standards, differentiators, proprietary service delivery capabilities and patentable product attributes

  • Conceive a sustainable edge that will be hard for competitors to duplicate or negate
  • Learn to shape a consistent, treasured customer experience for superiority, that says your brand is second to none and better than other alternatives

VIDEO 5: Find your Ideal Customer

Great brands are built by a community … your tribe or avatar … individuals or organizations who are a perfect match for your product or service.

  • Discover WHO your perfect customer is and WHERE he, she, or they are located
  • Confidently know the people to concentrate on connecting with, paving the way to create messaging that will drive effective marketing and selling

VIDEO 6: WOW-ing

Promise & Connect with Words

Position your brand for high market impact, craft a one-of-a-kind Statement of Mastery™ (promise of irresistible benefits) and wrap it with emotional messaging.

  • Marvelous possibilities await you with heart-felt, value-driven words you can load onto your website, social media, and other marketing
  • The best name for your brand (your product or delivery system) can also be developed here, along with value-added stuff you could provide

VIDEO 7: Tagline

Reinforce your Unique Value

Grab the attention of consumers, better compete in a global marketplace, and do wonders for your business with a great tagline or slogan.

  • Devise a clever tagline that further tells why you’re different and inspires interest!
  • Help consumers decide whether to buy from you or someone else and remember you when they are looking for a brand like yours

Gerry’s 7 Action Guides …
Here’s what you’ll get:

Along with 7 Workshop Videos you get 28 pages containing apply-as-you-go worksheets, explanations and tools to support you to:

  • Get clear on your defining Brand Purpose mindset
  • Nail down what makes your brand different
  • Locate your ideal, lucrative niche customer to target
  • Answer the question, “What is your Secret Sauce?”
  • Determine the right logo for your business
  • Put together a gotta-have-it Statement of Mastery
  • Sprout juicy messaging and a clever tagline

PLUS: the strategies included in each Module has immediate, practical application. You can use them right away to get new customers, improve cash flow, and have more impact.


Support and implementation calls are held every other week at 7:30 PM Eastern starting January 18.  Each session will last 90-120 minutes.

Dates of sessions:

January 18, 2022, February 1, February 15, March 1, March 15, March 29, April 12

In the support calls, you will be able to ask questions and get feedback from fellow students and us. You will be able to leverage the perspectives and thoughts of other LNCs on the call to ensure you benefit.

And you are 100% safe to try this out. That’s all I’m suggesting. Just try it for 30 days.

When it does, you’ll be delighted. If you complete the work of the first 30 days and believe you are NOT getting value, you will get all your money back.

It’s decision time. You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, keep that looking like every other LNC). You know where that will entail – frustration, a feeling of failure, or guilt.) Is that how you want to feel? Take a new action to pinpoint and refine your branding. And enjoy the authority, visibility and sense of accomplishment that comes with a clear brand message.

What do you want for yourself? Here’s what to do now.

Click on the button to order your seat in the course. And then you’ll be taken into our members area.

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7 live sessions and 7 modules virtual course all for

Investment $997 

Let me in!

The course consists of 7 LIVE Sessions with Gerry and Pat.


The course consists of 7 LIVE Sessions with Gerry and Pat.

$525 Per Payment for Two Months