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If you want to communicate as clearly as you can, if you wonder what you can do to capture the attention of your clients and prospects, if you want shortcuts for being a great LNC writer, if you want to earn more money, then this message is just for you. Here’s why:

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There is a cost to not dealing with this – lost income, lost clients, and cases. Also, you may suffer from reduced credibility, trust in you and your LNC business, waste and rework.

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If you ignore improving your writing skills, it just get worse. What most people do when facing the need to write better is to say, “Everyone has typos. Everyone uses English poorly. No one cares if I misspell words.”

But that is not true. Those are justifications for not writing well. You are judged by how effectively you use English. And if you misuse words or aren’t clear, your prospects and clients move on.

When I was in high school, my English teacher gave me back papers marked up in red. She saw my talent and encouraged me to do better. Wanting to please her, I tried harder. Nursing school, and my undergraduate and graduate school programs gave me more experience to improve my writing skills.

After earning my masters degree in nursing, I worked with 2 other hospital nursing educators to write a book that student nurses around the world appreciated. And that first book led to me becoming an expert witness, and founding a highly successful LNC business helping attorneys with medical cases.

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My first coauthored book published in 1986 led to another 60 books. On the strength of that first book, I became an expert witness reviewing medical surgical cases – for the next 20 years. I also got invitations to speak, consult, coach and create online courses. My multimillion-dollar legal nurse consulting company resulted from my authority and credibility as an expert, author – and LNC with writing skills.

I mastered blogging, creating opt in reports, and writing effective email sequences, book chapters, and compelling sales copy for my websites. Your learning always continues. Every week, I invest in my knowledge by staying on top of business writing techniques.

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Being a great writer is not just about writing books. You may never want to write a book, but as an LNC, you do want to gain visibility and credibility through blogging, writing articles or white papers, reaching people with your sales copy, emails, or book chapters. And of course, you want your LNC reports to be polished.

Finally, it’s Your Turn

When you join Legal Nurse Business Writing Circle, you’ll get the key to

  • Crafting interesting blogs that show your knowledge, deepen your relationship with your readers, and enable you to sell your services and products to an engaged audience
  • Creating enticing email sequences that nurture your relationships with your prospects and clients
  • Creating compelling video scripts
  • Polishing powerful LNC reports
  • Writing website copy that hooks the attention of your ideal clients
  • Weaving in stories that entice your reader to stay with your message
  • Using the principles of copywriting to connect with your audience in a powerful way
  • Outlining and delivering a chapter that shares your expertise and encourages people to reach out to you

This all comes as part of Legal Nurse Business Writing Circle, a membership program that includes

  • Recorded monthly virtual meetings with your fellow LNC members to explore effective writing tips
  • Digital guides to deepen your knowledge of writing
  • Interviews with experts on writing so that you’ll gain from their expertise and be inspired by what they’ve accomplished
  • Discounted opportunity to add a chapter to a compilation book so you gain visibility from this viral marketing technique
  • A private group for your community so you can get support, encouragement, and perspective from fellow members
  • Tips, tricks, toolkits, worksheets, cheat sheets, and much more to make your writing easier

You have a choice to make – do what you’ve been doing, or worse, do nothing at all. You know where that will lead.

Do you want to keep that nagging feeling that you are missing out on cases, that you don’t quite know what to blog about or put into an email that will lead the reader to take action?

Take a new action and get a new result. Finally achieve the feeling of success that comes with knowing your written skills are effectively bringing you LNC success.


Your Presenter

Pat Iyer MSN RN is a consultant, speaker, author, editor and coach. She has written or edited 60 of her own books. LNCs hire Pat to help them grow their LNC businesses. She delights in assisting people to share their expertise by writing. Pat’s 2022 compilation book, Medical Records Analysis: A Guide for Attorneys by Expert LNCs reached #1 Amazon Bestseller Status in 4 categories.

Pat is the host of the Legal Nurse Business Writing Circle, a group dedicated to helping LNCs ramp up their skills.

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