Thursday March 14 from 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern

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Leveraging AI for Video Creation for Legal Nurse Consultant| Pat Iyer

Effectively harness the power of AI with our exclusive online training tailored for Legal Nurse Consultants. This dynamic session offers an introduction to how to take advantage of the resources of artificial intelligence in crafting compelling video content.

You’ll gain a competitive edge, mastering tools, and techniques to efficiently produce professional-quality videos for marketing presentations. Whether you're a novice to video production or seeking to modernize your approach, this training ensures you stay ahead of the curve, enabling you to communicate with clarity and impact, enhancing your influence and reach in the legal community


Pat Iyer embraced using video to market when she established her YouTube channel, Legal Nurse Business, in 2009. She continues to share her knowledge through videos and brings to you the results of countless hours of study of using AI for marketing.

Pat Iyer is an experienced legal nurse consultant business coach who helps LNCs achieve their goals and dreams. Pat Iyer built a highly successful LNC business and shares her expertise with other LNCs who want to make more money, get more clients, and enjoy their lives more.

Exhibiting Success at Attorney Conferences | Pat Iyer

One of the most effective ways to build your business is to exhibit at attorney conferences.

  • This indispensable session will walk you through crafting a successful exhibition plan and guide you on assembling the booth essentials to make a lasting impression.
  • ● Master the art of engaging and managing booth visitors, ensuring every interaction is meaningful and productive.
  • ● Plus, the training doesn’t stop post-conference; we will delve deep into effective follow-up strategies to guarantee sustained success and potential collaborations.

Applying the tips in this training will not only strengthen your presence at these conferences but also foster invaluable connections in the legal domain.


Pat built her LNC business through exhibiting, which she began in 1993, and continued for the next 20 years. If this shy introvert LNC can be successful at exhibiting, you can too! Pat participated in exhibits at attorney conferences in many parts of the U.S. and shares her lessons learned and tips for success.

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Profits Before Patient Safety |Dr. Ken Rothfield

Discover how hospital leaders enabled the “Fugitive Doctor” to injure or kill hundreds of patients. Their complicity is the focus of this session.

Before fleeing to his native Pakistan in 2013, Dr. Atiq Durrani performed botched and unnecessary surgeries on hundreds of patients. Hospital administrators permitted this high-volume surgeon to maim or kill patients. This presentation outlines the incredible story, concluding with a call to action against dangerous physicians.

This session includes an update on the progress of litigation since Dr. Rothfield originally presented this topic in October 2020 at our 2nd LNC Success Online Conference.

Dr. Ken Rothfield

Dr. Ken Rothfield serves as the Chief Medical Officer at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital and is nationally recognized for his work with patient safety and advancing healthcare culture.

As an anesthesiologist, he is a Certified Physician Executive and holds certification as a Certified Patient Safety Professional from the National Patient Safety Foundation. He also earned an MBA and a Graduate Certificate in the Business of Medicine from the Johns Hopkins University.

Silvia Aninye2

The LNC’s Guide to Defense Medical Examinations | Silvia Aninye

How does the LNC most effectively function at Defense Medical Examinations? You’ll discover

• The anatomy and physiology of a DME
• The laws nationally governing DMEs
• The types of DMEs
• How to spot unethical behavior

Silvia Aninye RN, FCM, AS, CLNC

Silvia has 14 years of experience as an LNC, with a specialty of DMEs. She established herself as providing the go-to expert nurses attending defense medical examinations. She has educated both attorneys and nurses on the rules about defense medical examinations. With a background in medical surgical nursing, workers compensation, she worked at Los Angeles County LAC USC Medical Center and numerous insurance companies in policy making, workers compensation and as an adjuster in the areas of subrogation and case management. In addition, Silvia is an arbitrator for FIRNA and a Mediator in the State of CA. Silvia is the author of a forthcoming book for LNCs on DMEs. She provides an online program on defense medical examinations, mentoring program, and coaching program on defense medical examinations.

Pat Iyer is an experienced legal nurse consultant business coach who helps LNCs achieve their goals and dreams. Pat Iyer built a highly successful LNC business and shares her expertise with other LNCs who want to make more money, get more clients, and enjoy their lives more.


Exclusive VIP session moderated by Pat Iyer

Friday March 15 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern

Pat Iyer

Getting It All Done: Mastering the Many Hats of LNC Business| Pat Iyer

By attending this training, you'll be equipped with the strategies and insights to enhance your market visibility, connect with potential clients, and achieve growth in your LNC career.

• Unlock the potential of your LNC services by discovering a realistic plan for marketing your LNC services.
• Craft an actionable marketing plan as Pat guides you through each step from inception to execution.
• Discover how to use simple tools to ensure diligent and consistent follow-up.
• Showcase your expertise and knowledge in the LNC field.


Pat founded, grew, and sold a large successful independent legal nurse consulting practice, Med League, in New Jersey. In this session, she shares with you the strategies you can use to expand your business and juggle your many roles. Pat is a past president of AALNC, the author of 60+ books, and a business coach for LNCs.

Move Your Business to Higher Profit with No Additional Cost|Karen Powell, Certified Financial Planner

Karen Powell2

What can a certified financial planner teach you about cash management?
In this session you will discover:

• What factors are holding you back and how to tackle them
• Which indicators of success to monitor that move the needle faster to higher profits
• How consistent cash flow and accelerated profit can be implemented with tools and systems

Karen Powell, Certified Financial Planner

Karen is a business profit acceleration specialist whose background and skills have been honed over decades of successfully leading and managing several of her and her family’s businesses. She guides business owners on how to avoid pitfalls and helps steer them to profitable outcomes. Her practice includes providing a current business valuation, educating the owner on efficient systems and processes, creating a strategy implementation schedule and establishing a monitoring and visioneering system to move the firm to the next level. With the result of a more profitable and smooth operation, the owner gains more freedom and the vision for their firm becomes achievable.


Unveiling the Twists in a Medical Malpractice Case|Pat Filan Esq & Barbara Levin

Pat Filan.2

Watch how a dynamic team of a plaintiff attorney and his expert witness overcame the obstacles to the outcome of a recent medical malpractice case. You’ll discover how a plaintiff’s attorney tackled the twists in the case and how his expert witness worked with him to highlight the nursing failures.

See this team in action as they take you through the steps of the recently resolved case. Ask your questions of an experienced plaintiff attorney and nursing expert witness

Pat Filan Esq

Patrick Filan Esq is a seasoned advocate with 40 years of success. He handles complex and routine personal injury cases, including medical malpractice, automobile cases, spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, construction and work injuries, defective products, dangerous drugs and attorney malpractice. Pat represents clients before administrative agencies such as the Connecticut Department of Public Health, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration and has obtained dismissals of charges and negotiated resolutions.

Barbara Levin

Barbara Levin, BSN, RN, ONC, CMSRN, LNCC is the Clinical Scholar of the orthopaedic trauma unit at Massachusetts General Hospital.  The Massachusetts Governor appointed Barbara to the Massachusetts Board of Nursing and she completed her third term as the chair and a total of eight years on the Board where she reviewed and opined on all complaints and licensure issues.

Barbara is a Past President of AALNC and spent 5 years on the AALNC Executive Board.  In addition, she has researched, published, and lectured extensively about patient safety, orthopaedics, medical surgical and documentation practices. Barbara testifies as a national orthopaedics and medical surgical expert.  Barbara Levin co-edited and authored many chapters including her recent international publication “Legal Implications in the Care of Orthopaedic Patients: Serious Complications.” Barbara has collaborated with Pat Iyer to develop and host 8 prior LNC Success ™ online conferences.

Diane Krasner2

Pressure Injury Case Analysis: Strategies & Tips from Recent Cases |Diane L. Krasner

Do you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of typical pressure injury cases?  They ARE complicated and the volume of records is challenging.  This session will analyze several recent pressure injury cases from several settings: acute care, long-term care, rehab center, home care, and a criminal case.  Get practical strategies and tips for pressure injury case analysis.


Wound & Skin Care Consultant

Diane L. Krasner is a board-certified Wound & Skin Care Consultant in York, PA.  She has practiced as a WOC Nurse for over 38 years across the continuum of care.  As an educator, researcher, and thought-leader, she currently serves as the Senior Advisor for the Coalition of At-Risk Skin (CARS). Also, she is the Interim Past President for the Post-Acute Care Wound & Skin Integrity Council (PAWSIC), and a member of the NPIAP Standards Committee. Dr. Krasner has testified as an expert witness in wound and skin cases for over 18 years, having reviewed over 275 cases to date.

Pat Iyer is an experienced legal nurse consultant business coach who helps LNCs achieve their goals and dreams. Pat Iyer built a highly successful LNC business and shares her expertise with other LNCs who want to make more money, get more clients, and enjoy their lives more.


Exclusive VIP session moderated by Pat Iyer

Saturday March 16 10 AM to 3:30 PM Eastern

Kayur Patel

Is it Malpractice or is it a System Error?|Dr. Kayur Patel

How do errors occur in health care, and how do spot them? Sometimes a bad outcome has nothing to do with an error, but how do you know? What can you do as a legal nurse consultant to educate the attorneys with whom you work about the reasons for errors?  

Gain valuable insights you can use to screen cases and prepare attorneys for depositions.

Dr. Kayur Patel

Dr. Kayur Patel is currently the Chief Medical Officer of Proactive MD, a unique healthcare model with Health Centers across the country. In his role, Dr. Patel is laser-focused on improving methodology to better engage clinicians and patients into a culture of zero tolerance for gaps in health care by extending care beyond the walls to allow a global improvement of health.

His recent years have been dedicated to improving health outcomes through innovation, patient engagement, access to care, and community leadership.

Dr. Patel also serves as a consultant to KEPRO, the Quality Improvement Organization for over 30 states, wherein he reviews for gaps in standard of care delivered to patients.

Unmasking Healthcare Fraud: The Crucial Role of LNCs  |Becki Kelton MSN RN

Becki Kelton.2

Becki Kelton became fascinated by healthcare fraud when she got a hospital bill that stated her gall bladder had been removed - twice.
In this session you will

• Get a better understanding of healthcare fraud and the valuable role legal nurse consultants play in uncovering fraudulent activities within the healthcare system.
• Discover how to use your expertise and skills to identify the common red flags and indicators of medical billing fraud.
• Discover how to gather evidence, report suspected medical fraud, and be a valuable aid in legal processes.

Becki Kelton MSN RN

Becki has over 24 years of experience as a registered nurse. Becki’s diverse clinical background includes adult trauma step down, pediatric intensive care and emergency room, skilled and long-term care, and hepatology. For the past 11+ years, she has been working in transplant case management and contract negotiations for Medicare/Medicaid. Becki has honed her skills of evidence-based medical research and transcription by achieving her master’s degree in nursing leadership as well as continuing education towards her doctorate in nursing leadership. She is the founder of Upstate Legal Nurse Consulting located in Greenville, SC. Becki is a member of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) as well as both the Pittsburgh and Orlando chapters of the AALNC.