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How to Become a Successful LNC for Homicide Cases: A Step-by-Step Conference

May 30, 31 and June 1, 2024

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How to Become a Successful LNC for Homicide Cases: A Step-by-Step Conference

is a live 3-day online conference designed for legal nurse consultants just like you.

Imagine how your business will change when you explore. . .

Understand the complexities involved in the mechanisms used to murder.

Become a crucial member of the legal team by deciphering murder case details.

Gain insights on analyzing medical and police records in murder investigations.

Learn the investigation protocols for infant deaths.

Learn practical aspects of working on forensic cases from experienced professionals.

Get tips on finding attorneys, getting paid, and hiring subcontractors for criminal cases.

Discover new DNA technologies used to solve cold cases and identify dangerous killers.

Determine how healthcare serial killers get away with murder

Learn about the critical role of preserving forensic evidence in criminal investigations.

Gain awareness of how healthcare settings can preserve or destroy vital evidence.

Understand the importance of evidence identification and proper chain of custody in healthcare.

Dive into the legal differences between various degrees of murder and manslaughter.

Explore how the prosecution and the defense use medical evidence to build their case.

Learn about post-conviction relief cases and the impact of assumptions on medical diagnoses.

Understand the challenges in reversing a conviction and the influence of prejudice.

Discover what forensic nurse examiners can determine in cases of strangulation or asphyxia.

Gain confidence in consulting on cases involving allegations of strangulation.

Join a community for knowledge, support, and networking opportunities in the legal and healthcare field.

Meet Your Speakers

Meet Your Speakers

Pat Iyer
picture of Teresa Devitt Lynch
Pamela Tabor

Patricia Iyer

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

Dr. Pamela D. Tabor, DNP, AFN-DF, IAFN-DF

Wristen Photo Cropped - Tristan Ashly Wristen
Wendy Votroubek

Joe Flores Esq

Tristan Wristen

Wendy Votoubek


Arlene Klepatsky Esq

Leo Perafan

Chris Doran Esq

Jean cooper2

Jean Cooper

Meet Your Speakers

Your Conference Agenda

Thursday, May 30 from 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern

On Your Mark

Ready: Get the Fundamentals

How Do I Murder Thee: Let Me Count the Ways

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

Decoding Infant Mortality: From SIDS to Criminal Charges

Pamela Tabor DNP,  AFN-BC, AFN-DF, IAFN-DF

Insider Tips for Legal Nurse Consultants: Thriving in the Criminal Case Arena

Identifying Killers Among Us: New Ways to Use DNA to Solve the Coldest Cases

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A Wendy Votroubek MPH RN

Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC

Arlene Klepatsky JD MSN RN

Exclusive VIP Session

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

Friday May 31 10 AM to 6 PM Eastern

Get Set

Aim: Define Your Goals

Avoiding the Pitfalls: Ensuring Integrity of Forensic Evidence in Crime Scene Environments

Leo Perafen

The Burden of Proof: A Deep Dive into the Legal System

Joe Flores Esq MSN RN NP

Healthcare Serial Killers: Psychopathy Flourishing in Organizational Neglect


Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC

Laser Coaching Sessions

Exclusive VIP Session

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

Saturday June 1 10 AM to 3 PM Eastern


Fire: Implement The Strategies

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Jean Cooper MSN RN LNCC

I Can’t Breathe: A Forensic Review of Strangulation and Asphyxiation

Wrap Up Questions and Answers

Tristan Wristen MSN, BSN, RN, CSA, SANE-A, SANE-P

Teresa Devitt-Lynch MSN RN AFN-BC, AFN-C, SANE-A

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Earn 16.5 nursing contact hours. Get details below.

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You’re in great hands with Teresa Devitt Lynch and her co-moderator, Pat Iyer. Together they produced prior conferences/courses called the Path of the Bullet: A Guide to Criminal Cases, Sexual Assault: How the LNC Shines, and Domestic Violence: How LNCs Help Attorneys.

Pat is the most experienced LNC conference producer in the world and the leading provider of LNC business training.

Build your expertise in handling criminal cases and attract attorney clients.

After the Murder Mysteries Unraveled conference, you will leave with clarity, confidence, and an effective step-by-step action plan that you can immediately implement in your business.

Nursing contact hours are an optional benefit involving $15 paid to the contact hour certificate provider, Taylor College. The provider is approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP-3285. CE credit is accepted in all states that require mandatory continuing education for relicensure. Call 1-800-743-4006 with questions.

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